Let's get romantic in Paris

Here are some romantic things you should or could do together in Paris. Couple of them I discovered myself and some I have just heard about.

Become a Parisian couple and sit in a café with a glass of wine, some bread and pate and watch Paris goes by. Rain or shine it's fascinating. I will add some of my favourite cafes later on :-) 

Walk along the Seine on the Left Bank from Pont Alexander to Ile St. Louis hand in hand. Eventually, you can dance if you make it pass to Jardin des Plantes, the border of the 5th and 13th district.

Get on the boat and take the Canal St. Martin cruise that goes from near Museé d'Orsay to Parc de la Villette. For details and booking please go to PARIS CANAL

Attend a ballet at Paris Opera Palais Garnier and stare at the Chagall ceiling. You can also have a guided visit to the opera without attending any performance.

Sit in the Tuileries Garden with your feet up, holding hands and chat about your days to come and give your partner a passionate kiss regardless of what age you are.

Spend hours and hours in the Louvre just relishing in all that wonderful art! If you only plan one time visit I suggest you make research on what is it you want to see, what are your preferences. In my opinion, you can spend days there and you will still feel like you missed out something. To get ready for Louvre visit take a look at the LOUVRE official website or hire a private guide for your visit.

It is must-to-do to take the boat ride down the Seine on a warm evening.

Sit in the park behind Notre Dame while lunching on a fresh baguette sandwich, eclair chocolate and an Orangina.

Take a seat in a chair at Jardin du Luxembourg and watch the children push the sailboats around the pond planning for your own.

Spend a cloudy afternoon in the Museé d'Orsay

Go to the Rue Mouffetard Market when it's in full swing.

Have a Sunday brunch in Le Marais in the 4th district of Paris. It is 

Put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk around the city. Surely you will discover something for yourselves only.

Spend an afternoon at the Musee Carnavalet, dreaming of being an aristocrat in the France of Louis XV and living in one of the exquisite rooms.

Taste a different flavour of an ice cream at Bertillon each day spent in Paris.

Lay in the grass of the Champs du Mars with your shoes and socks off reading a book and drinking local wine out of the bottle. And if you stay long enough you can watch the sun go down and the Eiffel Tower light up, gradually.

Go to Sacre Coeur late afternoon on a Sunday and watch the sunset over Paris.

After all day activity of sightseeing, get a fresh baguette “traditional”, cheese and wine to go with it, find yourselves nice spot or return back to your apartment and enjoy the harmony of those three together.

Something to do during winter time is to go ice-skating in front of the Hotel de Ville.

How about dancing in Paris "en plein aire" along the Seine. How much more romantic it can get? In summer it is pretty much official now - there are areas for tango, salsa, swing right by the river near the Institute du Monde Arabe near the Latin Quarter. The dancing can go all night long on nice summer evenings.

Spend a part of your evening with a bottle of wine on the Pont Des Arts with, it seems, everyone else in Paris. Some people spread out a regular picnic and others just stand and watch the lights and boats, some play music,...