Soiree Parisienne with Moulin Rouge


To understand what it is all about you will have to come to Place Blanche at night. The air is filled  with an excitement and the crowds’ eyes are fixed at the flickering wings of Moulin Rouge. Hundreds of people stop here to take at least a picture of the most famous cabaret of the world. The Moulin Rouge is both, a real myth as well as still alive and fascinating show.

It opened its door for the first time in 1889, same year as the Eiffel Tower was introduced to the Parisians. At the beginning the dancers were mostly washer women, linen maids and laundresses. They transformed themselves into Quadrille (French Cancan) dancers to perform at night at the Moulin Rouge.

The Spectacle that runs here since 1992 with enormous success will for sure be a mind-blowing experience. Behind the scene there are hidden 11 tailors and 21 habilleuses to help the girls to get into their ever changing costumes. Apart from 80 dancers, 60 Doriss girls, 20 boys there are another 350 employees making this show to happen every night. Even though, most of the foreign guide books speak about the Moulin Rouge with disrespect, it attracts approximately 1600 people every night and half of them are French. They definitely are not coming here to see topless women and the question is? “Can 1600 people be wrong when they come from all over the world and France?”

Soiree Parisienne Tour for Paris Lovers - 6 hours
* River Seine Cruise - find one of the most beautiful urban panorama in the world. Many of Paris famous spots are on the banks of the river Seine. You will see among others such landmarks as Cathédrale de Notre-Dame, Musée du Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Palais de Chaillot, tTour Eiffel,...

* Paris City Tour - our guide Fernando will drive you around Paris city. Discover the monuments that make Paris well known around the world - the Opera Garnier, Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Arch of Triumph.

* Dinner at French restaurant - base on 35 years experience Fernando knows and will take you to fine restaurant in Paris where you will have a chance to taste an unussual savour of Paris with a wonderful dish, accompanied by a delectable french wine.

* Cabaret Moulin Rouge - visit world-wide famous attractions in Paris. Take a part in the most renowned shows in the world!

Soiree Parisienne Schedule :
    * 6.30 PM: pick up at your hotel/apartment
    * 7.00 PM: on board for a one-hour river cruise on the river    Seine
    * 8.15 PM: 45 minutes' illumination tour to discover the Champs Elysees, les Invalides...
    * 9.00 PM: time for a traditional French diner in a small typical restaurant. Wine included.
    * 11.00 PM: the Moulin Rouge opens the doors for a Grand Show with champagne !!!
    * 1.00 AM : back at your hotel/apartment

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