Montmartre Romantic Apartment

Apartment at Montmartre is included in French Kiss Idea or book the apartment.

Why book a hotel in Paris if you can have your own honeymoon apartment? While most of the honeymooners will stay in a hotel, you, with your apartment, will be given the chance to get the best out of the city of Paris a slightly different way. 
    It will not only give you privacy but also a special atmosphere. 

Montmartre brings many charms. The 18th district is the 'place of mysterious and artistic souls'. Get off the beaten path and discover the secrets of Montmartre district. Push open the XVIIth century iron gate, take a walk in the private park, find the unique farm roof still topped with a windmill wing. Unforgettable memories and romance appear here. This is Montmartre! You will not find any other place like Montmartre district. It is located on the heel of all Paris, with the outstanding panorama view over the beautiful city, but in a private paradise, far from the noise and bustle below.

Address            1, Avenue Junot 75018 Paris 
Floor                1st with elevator
Surface             50 sqm, 538 sqft
Phone               Unlimited Phone Calls to 103   countries: USA, Australia, Asia, India, Israel, Europe, Uk, etc. 
Internet            Wifi
Metro               Lamarck - Caulaincourt (L-12) 0.3km, Abesses (L-12) 0.4km

* Have your breakfast at the Sacre Coeur's stairs with the view of Paris' and fresh delicious pastries from the bakery - 3 minutes walk from your apartment.
* Or have a breakfast in a famous Cafe Deux Moulins where the well known Amelia Poulain from French movie "Amelia" was working
* Have lunch in one of the most well-known restaurants Moulin de la Galette from Renoir's painting Bal du Moulin de la Galette and French movie "Amelia"
* Take a walk with your beloved around Sacre Coeur area with a panorama of Paris by night